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Have you noticed that almost nobody calls Meiling “China” anymore?



If you ever feel embarrassed or ashamed by something just know that the first version of FF14 is considered so bad that Square Enix canonically summoned Bahamut to blow up the old game so it literally doesn’t exist.






Well well well. As SSB4Dojo pointed out on their blog, it seems Spirit Train can be played on For Glory mode. Which means it must have a Final Destination version.

But how the heck does that work?


Glad to see they’ve implemented the hype train as a stage.


Honestly, it was overdue.


holy shit


Tonight’s Gender of the Night is: Lego Howard the Duck



Tonight’s Gender of the Night is: Lego Howard the Duck


I should learn more Latin.

Regina Homocida, Sumus Pugiles, Magister Malum, Alii Vero Unum Mordet Ad Pulverem, Bohemicum Rhapsodiae …




Bird wakes his best friend…a cat! - Video

here let me get that for you

yo when are we getting a pet bird that Taters totally won’t try to eat



I wanted to see what would happen if I inverted Yosafire’s colors



I would like you to take a moment and contemplate the Mogeko games, with all instances of “Wharf Roaches” replaced with “Prog Rock”


[20:39] <PurvisHasLeftThisTimestream> *Yosafire and Froze sitting on a hill in the garden, watching the moon rise. Yosafire scoots over closer. After a moment, Froze leans her head on Yosafire’s shoulder. Yosafire takes Froze’s hand, and then whsipers those magic words into her ear: “…Prog rock”*

There’s something that seems weird to me, on a fundamental level, about the fact that there are Sailor Moon fans who honest to god don’t know that Sailor Moon Crystal is based on the manga, or possibly even that there was a manga before the 90s anime.

I mean it makes sense that some people wouldn’t, it’s kind of inevitable and it would probably be weird if they didn’t, some people just don’t obsessively look up everything they can and click every link remotely related to the show (SFX: tongue in cheek). It nevertheless seems kind of like a Very Basic Thing, though, and I just get this weird feeling whenever I read posts speculating about “how much it will follow the plot of the original anime” and things like that.


He’s a wealthy young businessman with a dark secret.

He’s ridiculously good-looking.  He’s been involved with dozens of women, but because of his dark secret he’s hurt some or all of them.  He doesn’t really care who they are; when he meets them he already has a fantasy that he wants to project on them and make them fit into.

He’s self-assured and charming, but a little bit socially awkward. He has many acquaintances and business contacts but few close friends; you get the sense he just isn’t interested in people he can’t use.

He goes on a lot about how troubled he is—the book is even named after the way he describes his perceived mental problems—but he never acknowledges that it’s really his wealth and social power that allow him to get away with what he does.

Christian Grey is Patrick Bateman.